27 Oct

We’re helping open the Belfast Trans Resource Centre

We’ve been busy in the background, working towards having a physical presence and community centre in Belfast for some time now. As our work has expanded, and as the number of young people we support has increased, we’ve had a greater and greater need for our own space, with which we can do what we want, and make into a wonderful community resource for trans & non-binary people in Belfast.

Picture of a person's hand holding a collection of keysWe are so, so excited to announce the Belfast Trans Resource Centre. Located on 98 University Street, a stone’s throw from Queen’s University Belfast and accessible by Metro bus services and NI Railways from Botanic Station, it is a pleasant little space with its own door and a lot of potential.

The BTRC will be the home of both us, and our very close friends and allies, SAIL, who support the families of trans & non-binary people of all ages in Northern Ireland. It’ll be a resource for the whole trans community, and will be a venue for drop-ins, community groups, social support and events, among plenty else. The space is step-free and has an accessible bathroom; full accessibility information will be published shortly.

The space is quite sparse currently – we’re aiming to furnish it as soon as possible, and in time, redecorate it to make it super homely and welcoming to everybody. So, we’re putting out a call for donations – we need furniture (see the list below), miscellaneous, and cash donations in all shapes and sizes. We’re also keen to hear from people who are interested in helping get the space off the ground, and for people who’d like to come help us celebrate the opening!

Currently, we need the following furniture & equipment:

  • Comfortable sofas
  • Chairs, stacking preferably
  • Bean bags (you can’t have a trans space without beanbags!)
  • A bookcase
  • Coffee tables
  • A microwave
  • A large television and stand
  • A dishwasher

If you are getting rid of good quality items listed above, we would LOVE to hear from you! We’re also interested in hearing from people selling items at favourable rates – the more choice, the better! Please get in touch if you want to help out!

If you’d like to help support us by sending us a few pounds or dollars to aid in fitting out our space, we’d be extremely grateful. You can donate in plenty of ways, including securely online via PayPal.

We will be announcing a public opening shortly, and will soon be running the majority of our events from the centre. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, and especially to our community for supporting us so strongly over the past 3 years. We hope the next 3 will be even more fruitful now we have this fantastic space.

01 Aug

Belfast Pride – It’s Time

Support Trans Youth

Today saw around 40,000 people take to the streets in solidarity with LGBTQ people across Belfast City Centre. GenderJam were an official walking group for the first time today, and were joined in marching by our friends at SAIL NI and Anchor NI – all in all, at least 53 people marched with us, which has blown the top off anything we were expecting. That’s over five times the number who marched with us last year, and reflects the changing attitudes towards and experiences of trans youth in Northern Ireland.

Today we called for respectful trans healthcare, accessible gender recognition and support for trans young people generally. We were met with cheers, approval and vocal support from the crowds and from other groups marching with us.

This year has been an exciting one for trans rights already, and we hope that we can use this momentum to push for truly forward-thinking and fit-for-purpose legislation and systems to provide for trans people across the country.

Thank you to everyone who came along and showed their support, and thank you for continuing to fight for the rights of trans, gender variant, questioning and intersex young people across Northern Ireland.

We have lots of work to do – securing protections for trans young people in schools, getting gender recognition that’s accessible to everyone, and fixing the trans healthcare system, among other things, will take a lot of work. We’re grateful for your support and hope you will follow our journey, and support us where you can, for the year to come.

24 Jul

Annual General Meeting 2015

It’s been a year since we had our first Annual General Meeting, and it’s about time we had our second. Our AGM for 2015 is scheduled for the 8th August 2015 from 6pm to 9pm at the LGBT Centre in Belfast City Centre. This means it will be after our usual fortnightly GenderJam social get-together with an access break to get food and change venue.

Our AGM is open to all young trans, gender variant, questioning and intersex people aged 25 or under who live in Northern Ireland. It’s also open to other individuals who are enabling a young trans person to attend (see  Accessibility Information below). It’s a formal meeting at which we’ll go over what we’ve done in the year since our last AGM, report on financial and legal issues, elect new office bearers, discuss policy changes and discuss campaigns for the next year.

Running for the Committee

Running for the Committee is a great (but not the only) way to get involved! Having a Committee position comes with responsibilities and obligations, but is very rewarding and will teach you a lot. We need a Committee to run as an organisation, and to do the nitty-gritty work on the ground.

The GenderJam Committee is currently made up of three positions – Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. These three positions have specific roles but their practical purposes are extremely flexible.

The Chairperson chairs meetings, generally organises events and acts as a representative for the organisation. The Secretary handles messages and correspondence, and makes sure meetings are organised. The Treasurer handles the money. In practice, everyone does bits and pieces of each role, and ideally the Committee work together on most things. There is no hierarchy of roles on the Committee, and each member has equal say on what goes on.

Committee positions are open to all young trans, gender variant, questioning and intersex people aged between 16 and 25. You should expect to commit at least few hours a week to the role, but this is extremely flexible. Regretfully, we can’t accept people on the Committee under the age of 16 at this stage for legal reasons.

Voting is open to all young trans, gender variant, questioning and intersex people aged 25 and under.

If you would like to run for a Committee position, please send us a message by 9pm on Thursday 6th of August using the form on our Contact page. Please let us know your name, date of birth, the position you want to run for, and a few sentences saying why you would like to be on the Committee.

To encourage diversity and representation in the organisation, we particularly encourage trans boys and men, non-binary, questioning and intersex people to run.



Summarised reports will be made on the activities of the year, including events, statistics and legal developments. Financial reporting will also be provided.

Any Other Business

There will be a period at the end of the meeting for open discussion on any other matters. If you would like to add something to the meeting’s agenda before coming along, please get in touch. The Agenda for the meeting will be published here at midnight on Thursday 6th of August after nominations have closed for the Committee elections.

Accessibility Information

As per our standard event accessibility information, if you need someone to come along with you for access reasons, or to generally enable you to be there and/or take part, they’re very welcome to attend. This person can vote for you if you wish, but do not have a vote themselves, unless they are also a young trans, gender variant, questioning and/or intersex person aged 25 or under.

  • If you need more information on anything discussed here, please get in touch.
07 Jul

Notice regarding our GenderJam event on the 11th July 2015

This event has already happened.

Due to Orangefest and the celebrations on the lead-up to the 12th of July in Belfast, our GenderJam Meetup on Saturday 11th of July will be affected by parades and traffic interruptions.

If you are planning on coming along to our event from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday 11th July, please consider the following in addition to our standard accessibility information:

  • Public transport to Belfast City Centre may be affected due to parades around the inner city area. Please check Translink’s website and social media for information.
  • Traffic interruptions and road closures to allow the passage of parades may affect the area for people driving or cycling to the event. Please see TrafficwatchNI for more information on traffic interruptions.
  • If you are travelling home around 5pm or later, please consider your personal safety around the celebrations and bonfires on that night. Please head home earlier than usual if you need to.
  • If you are in any doubt about your personal safety or ability to get home on Saturday, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND. Our next meetup will be on the 25th of July.
  • Please see our standard accessibility information for our events.
  • We request that anyone attending follows a few basic rules while at our events.

We hope to see you there!

  • If you need additional information regarding access to this event or others, please get in touch.
03 Jul

Notice regarding our Friends & Family Meetup on the 4th of July 2015

This event has already happened.

Due to the Tall Ships 2015 event in Belfast from 2nd to 5th of July, our GenderJam & SAIL Friends & Family Meetup on Saturday 4th of July will be affected by crowds and traffic interruptions.

If you are planning on coming along to our event from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday 4th July at The DOCK Café, please consider the following in addition to our standard accessibility information:

We hope to see you there!

  • If you need additional information regarding access to this event or others, please get in touch.
01 Jun

Running the Lisburn 3K for GenderJam

To raise money for us and help support our work, the wonderful Steve Donnan and Laura Wylie are running the Lisburn 3K race on the 17th of June 2015!

We’re so grateful for their efforts, and they’ve raised an enormous £350! Every penny counts and helps us do our work across Northern Ireland, including providing safe chest binders, travel, emergency support and safe spaces for young transgender, gender variant, questioning and intersex people.

Please cheer them on with your support by going out to see them run later in June!

Thanks again, folks 


30 Jan

Website is GO

We’ve been promising one for a while, but it’s finally online! The website was published at 2200GMT on Friday 30th January 2015.

It’s still in the early days, and there’s some information yet to make it to your screens.

We hope it’s useful!