Get Support

If you’re a young transgender, non-binary or intersex person in Northern Ireland, there is support out there for you! Similarly, if you’re questioning or exploring your gender, or have questions about what it means to be trans, non-binary or intersex, there is a wealth of people out there to support you to get you the answers or conclusions you need.


We have a strong and growing community of young trans people that help each other enormously. Our community meets in several places – at our regular social meetups, on our secret Facebook group (read on for more information) and in the private friendships that have developed between people in the community.

We welcome any person who considers themselves young and transgender, non-binary, questioning and/or intersex to our community. You’re welcome to join in as much or as little as possible, and for as long as you wish. If you need a single question answered, or if you want to make long-term friends with other young trans people, you’re very welcome to!

If you want to get involved in our community, you are welcome to in a few ways:

  • Turn up to one of our events
  • Send us a message to get your questions answered
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to follow what we’re doing
  • Ask to join our secret Facebook group
    • Our secret Facebook group is open to young transgender, non-binary, questioning and intersex people only. It’s a great way to talk about things in a closed, safe space.
    • To get access, send us a message on our Facebook page, saying you’d like to be added to the group. We’ll add you as soon as possible!


If you’re a young trans person who’s in education, accessing healthcare, or fighting for legal rights or recognition, we can help. If you wish, we can help you get what you need and deserve from your institutions and services like schools and healthcare.

We campaign Health & Social Care NI to improve their healthcare and medical transition services for young trans people. We also sit on the Northern Ireland Trans Forum, where we can directly work with education, healthcare and legal professionals to improve Northern Ireland for our community.

So far, we’ve helped people get access to the correct bathrooms in schools, get access to crucial healthcare and safe housing. If you need help or advice exercising your legal rights or accessing services because of your gender, please get in touch!

We also work closely with SAIL NI to help trans young people get access to everything they need and deserve in schools, healthcare and employment.

  • We can get you information which will help you get what you need yourself.
  • We can also advocate on your behalf if you wish.
  • If you would like help with things like this, get in touch!

Transition Support

To date, we have supplied young trans people with dozens of safer chest binders as well as many other transition aids, such as breast forms. We will soon be launching an online campaign for this scheme, but we can currently help individually if you need these items.

We accept donations of new and used chest binders, new or lightly used breast forms, new STP and packer devices, and most other transition aids. Get in touch if you’d like to donate something.

Individual Support

If you need individual support as a young trans person for any reason, we can help. We can help with issues you may have such as mental health, healthcare issues, problems in school or work, family problems etc, and can advise you on organisations which can help if we can’t help directly. We can travel to most parts of Northern Ireland to meet with people if necessary, as well as giving online support.

  • If you’d like individual support, please get in touch & we’ll do our best to help!

Emergency Help

If you are in despair or need emergency help immediately, please click here for support.

If you are in need of emergency help, for example if you are faced with homelessness or have your financial security removed, please get in touch. We can help you get things sorted, as well as provide a friendly voice while things are worked out.

We can also fund some emergency travel and accommodation costs where appropriate, but as we have very limited funds, we cannot guarantee we can help in everyone’s case.