Donate Binders to the NI Binder Scheme

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Thanks for offering to support our Northern Ireland Binder Scheme by donating binders! We rely on donated binders to run this scheme, so your support helps us greatly.

Please see the following information about donating binders:

  • We accept donations of new and used binders
  • We can do minor repairs on torn or damaged binders
  • We cannot give out unsafe binders. Binders which are unsafe or dangerous will be sent back if possible, or destroyed.
  • We can post stamped addressed cushioned envelopes to donors to help with postage & packaging costs.
  • We can collect binders in person from anywhere within the Belfast City area for free.

If you would like to donate binders to the scheme, please complete the form below. You can also get in touch with us in other ways.

  • We also accept monetary donations, which help us with the postage, packaging and administration costs involved in the Scheme.

Thank you for your support!

Fields marked with an * are required
  • Please describe¬†what you¬†want to donate here - the type(s) and size(s) of binders etc. You do not have to be detailed - we will be in touch!
  • If you have any access needs or need a particular format or type of reply, please let us know here.
  • Please let us know if you would like help with postage and packaging costs. We can send stamped addressed envelopes to anywhere in the world to help you post binders to us.